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October 16 2017

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Der Zauber der kleinen Magie.

September 25 2017

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August 24 2017

Why should I hold myself down like this???

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Photography by Maïmouna Guerresi

Maïmouna Guerresi, an Italian-Senegal artist, born in Italy, she converted to Islam after living in Senegal, presents an intimate perspective on spiritual ideas of human beings in relation to their inner mystical dimensions.
Guerresi’s images are delicate narratives with fluid sequencing, an appreciation of shared humanity beyond borders – psychological, cultural, and political. Recurrent metaphors such as milk, light, the hijab, trees, and contrasting white and black create awareness of the vital unifying qualities of Islamic spirituality.

August 23 2017

Idk i could totally kill myself like rn but I’m wearing new clothes & kinda don’t want to ruin them ahahahahhahahahah

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Turnover Good Nature Release Listening Party Bk


mood: want your attention but don’t wanna bother you 

I just want to make friends but all evidence shows that I'm too hideous and boring. Everyone hates me on sight and I want to die.

A memoir.

Lol I’m nobody’s type I’m just ugly and boring and wow I could totally jump off the beautiful roof of this building I’m in


someone: hey do you wanna hang out

me: i can’t bro i’m uglier than usual today

U ever plan a bunch of stuff to do and have ur anxiety swoop in and be like BITCH YOU’RE AN UGLY ANNOYING PIECE OF SHIT!!! GO BACK TO HIDING IN UR CORNER LOL

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If you dont care about me please dont ever pretend you do

this pertains to like everyone in my life

August 21 2017

I am!!! Disgusted!!!!!!


My way of flirting is looking at the person I’m attracted to and hoping they’re braver than I am.



i think its dumb if drug dealers get sentenced to longer in prison than rapists?? like people ask for drugs but no one asks for rape???

Reblogging for the 1 million time because fucking realest thing I’ve read on tumblr.

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